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Public Parks and Football

We signed up my eight year old grandson for tackle football this year. Practices are held three times a week at the park just down the street from us. Games are held on Saturday’s.

The park where he practices is very large. There is a splash-pad in the summer for the kids to play in, playground equipment, a few lighted baseball fields, a couple of soccer fields, a shelter area with picnic tables, and lots and lots of green space.

This green space is where the city allows our teams to practice as they don’t want us tearing up any real football fields such as the one across the street at the middle school or the one where we hold our games. Mind you, they don’t really want us tearing up the green space either. We have had a very wet and rainy September and the city has requested that we cancel practices, and even a game, on various occasions. My only wish is, and I know that it is entirely fruitless, is that we had to wait until the ground was COMPLETELY dry before we could practice again. Unfortunately, that would mean the season would last until next year.

Football players, by nature of the game, get dirty. When the ground is wet, they get muddy. Now, maybe I just didn’t make enough mud pies when I was a little girl, so I really don’t know what mud really smells like. But the mud that my grandson comes home caked all over in smells like a combination of urine and feces. I want to heave when I start the process of trying to get his uniform white once again. It’s absolutely disgusting.

I realize that people do walk their dogs in this park, but have said animals really managed to despoil the entire park? This park is very big, and the dog-walkers generally keep to the edges of the roadways through the park.

Or does all mud really smell like this and I just never noticed this before. I can’t believe I raised four of my own kids and made it to the ripe old age of 49 before I noticed something like this.

Is it a local thing? Does it only smell like this in my neck of the woods?

A question that will probably never be answered to my satisfaction. But I can live with that.


Alright, I admit that I only signed up for this account so that I could post a note on an article. But I also must admit that I am intrigued by blogging. Not that I ever expect anyone to ever read any of this. My life is far too boring for that.
Just last week an old schoolmate told me that everyone should tell their life’s story. That everyone has something interesting to say. While I agree with that on some level (in that everyone has SOMEthing interesting to say), I don’t agree that it will be interesting enough to the vast majority of people.
Aside from my sister, who I know loves me dearly, and would be kind enough to tell me that everything I say is interesting, there are very few people in the world who want to hear about my life story.

Although I may post some of the boring and mundane daily details of my life here and there, I will mostly be asking (myself) questions that I would love to have the answers to. I have no idea even how often I may ask these questions, only that they will come from time to time.